Category: framed art

the window

It is an art that asks the question,“What do you feel now about the colorsyou see from this window?” Even the same colormay feel different dependingon the situation…

blue meets green

Blue and green, similar but different colors. Because they are differentthat beauty is born. ———– 青と緑、近いようで違う色。 違うからこそ、その美しさが生まれます。


I drew a future that is connectedto the tip of the ribbonthat “ties” important things. May happiness come to you. ———– 大切なものを「結ぶ」リボンの先に繋がる未来を描きました。 幸せが訪れますように。

in the blue

petit gateau

I tried collecting cute colors like a candy box that makes you happy just by looking at it. ———– 小さなお菓子目にするだけでハッピーになるお菓子の箱のようにかわいい色を集めてみました♪

Something new

I tried new things. A new view from there. ———– 新しいことに挑戦してみた。 そこから見える新しい景色。